Who is Exam Professor?

Exam Professor is: David Brannan , Laura Arguello , David Shadovitz, Andrea Campolonghi, and Nemanja Dragojlovic.

Formally launched in April of 2006, Exam Professor is a privately held company that has received no outside funding. Our offices are located in the quiet, cold North, in Salcha, Alaska, in the United States of America.

David Brannan

David BrannanDavid has been an educator in public schools for the past 26 years. He has been a classroom science teacher, a district-wide instructional technologist, a curriculum technologist for the Alaska Native Education Program, and an information technology director.

David loves to work on frontend design and usability. He is married to his college sweetheart, is the father of three children, and resides in a log home in Salcha, Alaska.

Laura Arguello

Laura ArguelloOur most famous team member is Laura Arguello. Laura is one of the founders of ASFusion , a web development firm specializing in Rich Internet Applications using languages such as ColdFusion, Flash, Flex, ActionScript, and Apollo.

Laura and Nahuel Foronda maintain a blog about ColdFusion, Flash, and other Adobe web technologies. She is the creator of the MATE framework for Flex, and built the open-source CMS called MangoBlog.

David Shadovitz

David ShadovitzDavid has been a software engineer for over twenty years. He has written for ColdFusion Developer's Journal, and is a former member of Team Macromedia.

David is the chief mechanic of Flats Fixed Free, which services the neighborhood kids' bicycles at no charge. On most Sundays you can find him hiking and geocaching. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and six children, and doesn't get nearly enough sleep.

Andrea Campolonghi

Andrea CampolonghSoftware developer, Open Source supporter, runner. Andrea works mainly in coldfusion, ruby and javascript. Andrea is excited about all the new technologies and loves to experiment with code.

Andrea works from Milan, Italy where he maintains a blog, AndreaCFM.

Nemanja Dragojlovic

Nemanja DragojlovicOccasionally, we hire Nemanja Dragojlovic. Nemanja is a 28 years old graphic designer from Belgrade, Serbia, with master degree in Applied Arts / Graphic Design. Nemanja works in the advertising business. His main focus is art direction, illustration, branding and graphic design. He has won several domestic and international awards for his work.

Nemanja is currently working on the new Exam Professor website and logo.

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